Photo Gallery of the Honoring | Russell Means Honoring – Denver

Photo Gallery of the Honoring

These photos of the honoring are courtesy of Jolynne Locust-Woodcock.

To view these photos, please follow the link to a new web site.

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2 Responses to Photo Gallery of the Honoring

  1. Lizeth Van Pelt says:

    My condolences go to the Means Family, for his passing. I am a Southern Cheyenne from Canton, Oklahoma. Russell Means is my Hero, he is my top activist and actor. When I heard he died I was really sad and I was so sad I cried. I am doing documentary over A.I.M., I was thinking maybe Pearl Means can help get information about Russell Means, the documentary is “National History Day”. if she can, can you please contact my teacher, Penny Heath at (School Phone #) 580-886-2256. Please and Thank You.

  2. Lizeth Lynn Van Pelt says:

    My condolences go to the Means Family, for the loss of the beloved, Russell Means. Russell Means was my top activist and actor, he is my favorite person of all time, when I heard he passed on, I cried so much that the crying lasted for three days straight. My name is Lizeth L. Van Pelt, I go to Canton Public Schools at Canton, Oklahoma. I am a Southern Cheyenne from the Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma. I am doing a documentary over A.I.M. for “National History Day”. I would appreciate it very much if Pearl Means could help me with the information about A.I.M. from her point of view. If so please Contact my National History Day teacher, Penny Heath, at

    School phone: 580-886-2256
    School Fax: 580-886-2306
    Canton High School
    Box 639
    Canton, Oklahoma 73724
    Thank you, Lizeth L. Van Pelt

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